No. 30: Comerica Park – Detroit, MI

Date: Thursday August 24, 1:10pm
Teams: Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees
Ticket(s):  Section 138, Row 16, Seat 7 (FREE)
Miles Driven: 14,969
Average Ticket Cost Through 30 Games: $14.87

I wasn’t kidding about not being super punctual with these last few games…



More driving!  Early driving!  From an hour north of Pittsburgh straight to downtown Detroit for a 1pm first pitch.  We were up and out by 7:30am and got to Detroit comfortably an hour before the game started.  That left plenty of time to visit a Detroit institution: Lafayette Coney Island.  Yes, Lafayette.  Not American.  Lafayette.

We grabbed a couple coneys before making the short hike over to Comerica Park, with signs throughout the area now proclaiming it “The District Detroit” thanks to the impending opening of Little Caesars Arena.  The LCA will house both the Red Wings and Pistons, meaning all four major pro sports teams will be within a few blocks of each other in Detroit.

The Game



Oh, the stadium and what not…

I’ve been to Comerica more times than I can remember.  On Thursday, we were gifted some seats down the third base line, about 16 rows up.  Great foul ball territory and pretty nice views of the Detroit skyline.  One of my favorite things about Comerica is that, like Camden Yards, there’s a connectedness to the seating areas.  The 10 front rows around the diamond are warded off, there aren’t tables and flat screen TVs connected to the seats behind home plate.  There aren’t physical barriers separated sections behind the dugouts from sections further down.  This is Detroit – we’re in this together.  We also encourage you to sneak down into better seats if you’re inclined…

IMG_5401The other great feature about Comerica Park is the row of statues for each retired number.  Tiger greats overlook left center field.  The area is also one of the standing room areas of the park, which leave a little to be desired. They are not exactly on top of the field, yet they are always packed.  Recently, more standing room area and bar type areas have been added to the area above the right field seats, following trends seen in Colorado and other stadiums.

After a few quiet innings we made a loop around the outfield and eventually snuck down to about row 10, on the inner edge of the Tigers dugout.  In other words, a prime spot to watch the fisticuffs go down.  In fact, we could see it all coming… Miguel Cabrera getting more and more heated before finally two-hand shoving Austin Romine.  Game on, complete with the late bullpen run to the fray and Justin Upton snacking on an energy bar while everyone else was still trying to pull each other apart.

My phone died shortly after; so no footage from me of the next two times the benches cleared.  Tigers held on in a wild win, probably the highlight of an otherwise forgetful season.

The Story

Up Next

Rankings!  Maybe!  I hope to put together a series of 4-5 posts ranking various things about the stadiums.  I have been asked what my favorite stadium is about 97 times since completing the trip… and I hated answering it the first time.  It’s too tough.  So, I’m thinking of a different way of determining the answer to that question, using SCIENCE or something.  We’ll see… stay tuned…

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