No. 29: PNC Park – Pittsburgh, PA

Date: Wednesday August 23, 7:05pm
Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Ticket(s):  Section 116, Row R, Seat 6 (Free! Thanks to Bryan Stroh)
Miles Driven: 14,627
Average Ticket Cost Through 29 Games: $15.39

With the 4+ hour drive separating Pittsburgh and Detroit, followed by a packed Friday, I’m getting caught up… So, how about that Rich Hill?


We parked at Rivers Casino, just under a mile walk from PNC Park.  I had never been to Pittsburgh before and would fully recommend parking at the casino and walked the river to the stadiums and downtown.  We got to the stadium a few hours before first pitch and walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to explore for a bit.  After a few stops, we made the trek back across to head into PNC early.

The Game


We explored the outfield area of PNC before first pitch, checking out the left field bleacher area.  One of my favorite features of Angels Stadium was the low fence in the left corner…

I’ll give Angels Stadium one thing: the low fence in left field has always been one of my favorite features and leads to some exciting home runs and defensive plays.

PNC has a similar left field corner…  This is what writers call foreshadowing, I think…  We then headed up to the upper level to take in the famous PNC park skyline view.  It didn’t disappoint and it’s hard to argue that any other stadium can match it.  First pitch neared, so we headed down to our seats.


It took me all of 4 outs to start thinking “perfect game.”  That fourth out had to be reviewed before the umpires overruled an initial “safe” call at first.  From our seats – directly behind home plate – we could see the sharp break on Hill’s curve balls.  He was making Pirates look silly early.  There’s not much else I can do to explain watching a pitcher be perfect through 8 innings, only to have his team fail to score a run.  Then, the Dodgers’ third baseman ruined the perfect game in the ninth by booting a ground ball.  Hill locked it down and we headed to extras.

To the delight of both Dodgers and Pirates fans, Rich Hill came out in the 10th, having already pitched 9 hitless innings.  The Pirates didn’t stay hitless much longer…

The Story

Up Next

The final game of the trip!  Yankees at Tigers in Detroit.  An early 4 hour drive to Detroit from Pittsburgh for an afternoon tilt.

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