No. 28: Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA

Date: Tuesday August 22, 4:05pm
Teams: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins
Ticket(s):  Section 430, Row 8, Seat 6 ($9 – SeatGeek)
Miles Driven: 14,278
Average Ticket Cost Through 28 Games:


With a 4:05p start, we actually had post-game activities moreso than pre-game activities.  Before the game, we basically made the relatively short drive from Baltimore. With the extra time, we took the scenic route up and avoided I-95 tolls.  Post-game, we hit downtown Philly, took in some patriotic sights and, most importantly, hit Jim’s on South Street for some Philly Cheese Steaks.

The Game


I loved Citizen’s Bank Park.  New, but still built in a classic-retro way, like Camden, Comerica or SafeCo.  We entered at the left field entrance which immediately brings you to Ashburn Alley – a walkway beyond left field that is a tribute to Phillies history.  There’s a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” but instead for Phillies All-Stars.  Above Ashburn Alley is the Budweiser rooftop.  We watched the first inning or so there, taking advantage of the shade provided by the shadow of the scoreboard and light tower to our right.  A blistering and humid 93 degree afternoon in Philadelphia made for some weather-conscious seating decisions. Also, it made for a winter glove giveaway?  Apparently.


We then made our way to our actual seats.  We walked clockwise around the lower level concourse from Ashburn Alley all the way around to the left field corner upper level.  As we walked we were treated to banners that celebrated the Top 10 Citizens Bank moments, one at a time.  Loved it.  What better way to get pumped up for baseball than to see memories of great playoff moments in packed stadiums.

Hilariously, in an upper level almost completely devoid of fans and ushers, as we walked into 430, there not only was an usher there, but he asked us for our tickets. Good on him. Luckily, we actually were going to our seats, but we literally could have went anywhere, and later did.  After an inning in the left field corner, we moved over to behind home plate, still making sure to stay in the shade.

Even in the shade the heat was draining, so we caught an inning or two in the in air-conditioned “High and Inside” (get it?!) bar that was behind home plate on the upper level.

Finally, after cooling off, we made our way back outside, walking around counter-clockwise and eventually finding seats in the left field outfield seats.  There we got to see a truly amazing sight: Ichiro launch a bomb to right-center field, followed shortly by a Giancarlo Stanton homer.  The Marlins hung on in what turned out to be a high scoring affair.

The Story

Coming?  Having trouble downloading video on the current WiFi

Up Next

A five-hour trip to Pittsburgh for the Pirates and Dodgers.  Nothing exciting here, up early to drive, drive, drive.

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