No. 27: Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD

Date: Monday August 21, 7:05pm
Teams: Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics
Ticket(s):  Section 346, Row 15, Seat 3 ($9 – TickPick)
Miles Driven: 14,141
Average Ticket Cost Through 27 Games:

The Home Stretch!!! Four more days, four more games.  It started Monday night in Baltimore.  Depending on internet access, these last few posts may run a little late. Baltimore hotel WiFi: no bueno.  So far, the Philly hotel is promising.


Eclipse 2017!!!  Baltimore was shrouded in clouds and occasional storms throughout the afternoon, but we were able to get a quick peek of the eclipse as the clouds briefly parted from the Inner Harbor.  We walked much of the inner harbor before finding a spot in Fells Point – Thames Oyster House – to grab dinner.  By that time we were ready to head down to Camden Yards.

The Game


Outside of Comerica Park in Detroit, Camden Yards is actually my most visited stadium.  Three visits now, but still the most visited!  (AT&T, Comiskey, Wrigley, Marlins Park all check in with two, and I’ve been to two Busch Stadiums now).  So, there wasn’t much more for me to discover at Camden… However, it still holds up and I still love it.

No sectioned off elite seats in Camden.  You really get a feeling of everyone being in it together.  The outfield seats are plentiful in left and the standing room above the right field scoreboard is a great place to watch the game from.  In fact, I can’t see a bad seat in the house.  We watched much of the game from near the right field foul pole, but also from the standing room above the dugouts in left-center, the upper level behind home plate, and finally, as the game was ending, behind the first base dugout.

IMG_5314Of course, everyone points to the warehouse in right field, which gets deserved praise.  The old-school feel of Camden is balanced by all the normal amenities you’d expect out of a new stadium, despite this being its 25th year.  (Though I would have appreciated WiFi…).  The concourses are open and spacious and the staff is phenomenal.  The Legends Celebration Series (bronze statues of Orioles Hall of Famers) caps off a near-perfect ballpark experience.

The game left a little to be desired – a very small showing from O’s fans.  However, all kinds of home runs and a win for the home team.  It’s a shame the O’s aren’t in it this year, because I know they usually have a raucous environment.


The Story

Up Next

One of the shortest drives of the trip!  Baltimore to Philly.  We’ll be right back on the road to get up to the City of Brotherly Love for Tuesday night’s Phillies-Marlins game.  Then it’s a long 5 hour stretch to Pittsburgh for the penultimate game.

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