No. 26: Fenway Park – Boston, MA

Date: Saturday August 19, 7:10pm
Teams: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees
Ticket(s):  Section G3, Row 3, Seat 5 ($73 – TickPick)
Miles Driven: 13,636
Average Ticket Cost Through 26 Games:


A day of Boston sightseeing… and protests and counter-protests.  We got off the T at Park St. to a crowd of counter-protesters, but quickly moved in the other directions, walking the Freedom Trail.  By the time we reached the USS Constitution, we were well over due for lunch and ubered to Fenway. By 2pm, the crowds were already growing.  We grabbed a couple slices at Regina Pizzeria before checking out the Bleacher Bar – a bar under the Green Monster that allows you to look out on the field all days of the year.  It wasn’t long before 5:30p hit and we made our way inside Fenway.

The Game

Playoff atmosphere and phenomenal game.  Doesn’t get much better.  Walking through the old school Fenway concourse is like walking through a time machine. Obviously, it’s literally old, but the atmosphere feels like I’d imagine going to a game decades ago was like.  You don’t get the corporate-y feeling that you do at most stadiums.  We wandered the concourse for a bit before making our way over to our seats in the right field corner.

There wasn’t a lot of seating moving to pull off.  The game was packed and I was a little surprised that there weren’t a few more Yankees fans than their were.  Kudos to the Sox fans for protecting their tickets.


Yanks got out to an early lead, but we did get to see a little history that Yankees fans probably aren’t to fond of: Aaron Judge striking out for the 35th straight game.

Another cool Fenway feature: the seats.  Classic wood and metal seats line the entire stadium.  No fancy recliners behind home plate.  There’s also a ton of little historical tidbits scattered throughout the stadium, like David Ortiz’ “Boston Strong” jersey.

The Red Sox made things a little interesting late, cutting the lead down to 1.  However, for the third time in a week, I saw Dellin Betances come in for the Yankees and shut down the ninth inning.


The Story

Ahhh…. WiFi issues. No Story.

Up Next

The final off-day of the trip: Sunday.  We’ll spend much of it driving from Boston towards Baltimore.  Then, Monday, Baltimore kicks off the final 4-day 4-game stretch of the trip!

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