No. 24: Yankee Stadium – New York, NY

Date: Tuesday August 15, 7:10pm
Teams: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets
Ticket(s):  Section 432A, Row 5, Seat 3 ($62 – SeatGeek)
Miles Driven: 13,356
Average Ticket Cost Through 24 Games: $12.43


IMG_5113I got into the Bronx around 2:30p, certainly a little later than I wanted.  However, it gave me enough time before the game to be a bit of a tourist.  The last time I was in New York City was in 2007.  I was there for an interview for an internship on Wall St – clearly prior to making the decision to go to grad school for Education. The cool thing was they put me up in a fancy hotel, literally adjacent to the Ground Zero.  In 2007, construction on the Memorial and new World Trade Center tower had begun, but was basically a giant construction hole in the ground.  I couldn’t wait to get back and see everything completed.

The Memorial is stunning and horrifying and beautiful all at once.

One World Observatory, the Occulus, the 9/11 Museum… It all deserves an entire day I didn’t have.  Instead, after walking up Broadway to Union Square, I jumped back on the 4 to get to Yankee Stadium.

The Game


I arrived around 5:40, making my way to the left field seats to watch some batting practice.  Upon its completion, it was time to hit Monument Park.  Just as I got to the line, they announced they were closing the line – a good 70 minutes before first pitch.  I was devastated.  Not a good start, Yankee Stadium.

I went over to the Museum, which was underwhelming (seriously, I liked the Royals museum more).  The saving grace is the wall of autographed baseballs; from Ichiro to Babe Ruth.

Finally, I made my way up to the fourth level to watch the beginning of the game.  Instead of finding my left field foul pole corner seats, I watched the first inning or so from a standing room section.  Not a terrible spot for the upper level.  The other standing room areas in centerfield are a bit displaced from the field; again, you don’t get that “on top of the action” feeling you get in Toronto or Houston. The upper level standing room also gave me a chance to scope out my next seats… a little more difficult to find empty seats and sneak into them for a Mets-Yankees game than it was for a Indians-Rays game.  Nonetheless, I found a home in the second level, left field foul pole area for the majority of the game.

IMG_5123NYYShifting gears… atmosphere: awesome.  I think I told myself: “So this is what playoff baseball is like.”  The traditional starting lineup chants from the right field bleachers, dueling Yankees and Mets chants, and (by the fourth inning) a totally packed house.  To see a baseball stadium that big be completely full is an awesome sight.

After the top of the eighth, I decided to make one more move, down to the lower level, outfield seats that I had watched BP from earlier. Two Yankees bombs in the bottom of the eighth put the home team ahead 4-2 and Dellin Betances locked down the save.

The Story

Up Next

Home!  Yes, I’m cheating again, flying home for two days.  A couple work things I need to hit to prevent coming home from a huge pile-up, but also I want to be home for a couple days.  Driving through the south and back north, I was approaching burnout levels.  DC and New York helped – much less driving, much more fun baseball.  I’m back to NYC on Thursday for Yankees at Mets, then off to Boston for Saturday’s Yankees-Red Sox game.

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