No. 23: Nationals Park – Washington, D.C.

Date: Sunday August 13, 1:35pm
Teams: Washington Nationals vs. San Francisco Giants
Ticket(s):  Section 419, Row H, Seat 16 ($11 – SeatGeek)
Miles Driven: 13,120
Average Ticket Cost Through 23 Games: $10.74


I finished off the final couple hours of the Miami->DC trip Sunday morning, arriving in DC around Noon.  From there, I met my boy Allie and we headed down to Nationals Park.  We made a quick stop outside the stadium at The Bullpen, before heading in.

The Game


Weather was perfect.  Somehow, we avoided the normally overbearing DC summer heat and were treated to 82 degrees, a slight breeze and a sunny day.  We walked up to our upper level seats to start and watched the first couple innings.  The first big thing that stuck out to me was that the press box is on top of all the upper level seats, which is pretty unique.  Like SunTrust, Nationals Park has what I’ll call “restaurant bleacher seats.”  Seats connected to a restaurant, with a press-row-like table in front.  I’m generally not a fan, but at least in Nationals Park those seats, located in left-center, were above several rows of normal seats.  No bleachers, to my dismay, and no standing room areas that put you on top of the field.  However, the outfield seats in left are pretty good and rowdy.

IMG_5101It was a pretty well attended game – no huge surprise – so the upper level concourse was plenty busy.  A tiny little feature that I loved was that there are picnic tables spread out throughout the concourses, which are all open and breezy.

The Presidents race lived up to the hype!!!  I don’t know why; it just does.  As silly as it is, I love that Teddy never wins and cracked up when he grabbed the railing in exhaustion at the end of the race.

We moved on to the lower level and grabbed some seats in left field for the final few innings.  The game flew by thanks to the Nationals offense being non-existent.  It didn’t help not having Bryce Harper in the lineup (and luckily, I saw him while in St. Louis).  Sure enough, a Nationals home run was hit directly at us.  The whole flight of the ball, I knew it was coming at as… but three rows short.  It hit the guy in front of us in the chest and he scrambled to recover it.  So… close…


The Story

Up Next

A easy 4-hour drive from DC to the Bronx for Mets at Yankees, the first of a three headed monster of games. Thursday follows with Yankees at Mets and Saturday, the highlight of the trip: Yankees at Red Sox.  Remarkably, there are only 10 days left on the trip; only 7 games left and just 1,600 miles to drive.

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