No. 22: Marlins Park – Miami, FL

Date: Friday August 11, 7:10pm
Teams: Miami Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies
Ticket(s):  Section 132, Row 1, Seat 8 ($15 – Box Office)
Miles Driven: 12,063
Average Ticket Cost Through 22 Games: $10.73


Not very exciting here… I took advantage of a decent motel room to catch up on sleep, meaning I pretty much drove straight to the Marlins game from Tampa.  I did get in early – around 4pm – which allowed me to scope out some free parking in the neighborhood just to the west of the stadium.  I grabbed a bite at a nearby bar before jumping in line early to snag a free t-shirt.  Unsurprisingly, not a big fan of the free t-shirt. Unsurprisingly, an XL that won’t fit.

The Game


Being in the stadium early, I spent a lot of time exploring and walking around during pre-game.  I made my way to the Clevelander, which was pretty empty pre-game.  It didn’t look like it got that busy during the game either.  I snagged a drink and then continued exploring.  I started to work my way up and struggled to find a way to the upper levels before realizing why I couldn’t find upper level tickets for sale… they have the entire upper level closed off.  Disappointing that that Marlins struggle that badly to fill the place.

Major points on the left field skyline view.  It’s not right downtown, so the skyline isn’t very prominent, but you get a great shot of downtown Miami through the left field windows when the roof is closed.  I even liked it a bit more than the skyline windows at Minute Maid.  Difference there is that Minute Maid is right in downtown Houston, so a few downtown buildings are RIGHT THERE.  Marlins Park provides a cool panoramic view of the city from a bit more distance.

This was my second trip to Marlins Park, and this time it really grew on me.  At first, I wasn’t a fan of the center field sculpture and the bright green and orange throughout the stadium, even while understanding it.  However, at this game, those aesthetic pet peeves faded; I really, really like the stadium.  The concourses are easily walkable and full of little cool gems, like the Bobblehead Museum, which is a large glass showcase that shakes every second or two.

MarlinsThe outfield concourse behind home plate features a bar area, complete with a full selection of craft beers and lawn games.  The one major complaint I have is that the outfield standing room leaves a lot to be desired.  From the left-center field standing area, you can’t really see below onto left field and you somehow feel more removed from the game than if you move up to some less desirable seats.

Another tight game… I’ve been lucky to see some exciting baseball.  The Marlins pulled ahead in the eighth.  By that time I had snuck down to the lower level, near the third base dugout.  By the top of the ninth I was directly behind homeplate, in the closest seats you can get to that are not sectioned off.  I was lucky enough to see Ichiro pinch hit before the top of the ninth where the Marlins held on for the win.

Let’s not talk about the outcome of the AB…

The Story

Up Next

Miami to DCThe drive of death.  By the time this goes up, I’ll have already completed the drive from Miami to Washington DC.  This was the second longest single drive of the trip; the longest being the second leg of Minneapolis to Seattle.  This one I had to go solo, which meant more frequent stops to rest and re-caffinate.

I started the drive immediately after the game, driving from 11pm to 3am before crashing for about 4 hours in my car.  Then I got right back to it, ultimately stopping in Petersburg, VA, about 2 hours outside of DC, around 8:30pm.

All together, it was about 14 hours of driving in a 20 hour span, stopping just for those 4 hours of sleep, an hour for lunch and a few quick road stops.  Should be smooth sailing from here.

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