No. 21: Tropicana Field – Tampa, FL

Date: Friday August 10, 7:10pm
Teams: Tampa Rays vs. Cleveland Indians
Ticket(s):  Section 341, Row C, Seat 7 ($18 – Box Office)
Miles Driven: 11,777
Average Ticket Cost Through 21 Games: $10.53

The Trop!!!  Let’s get this out of the way… In no universe should the cheapest ticket at Tropicana Field be $18.  Since tickets don’t sell (because the cheapest is $18), there is no secondary market.  Come on Rays management.  Fill that stadium, because I think it is actually a fun place to watch a game.


The prior night I crashed just outside of Clearwater Beach… so I think you know where I spent most of the day before heading down to the Trop.  I was lucky enough to nab a free parking spot in Clearwater Beach and enjoyed the crazy warm water while only getting a little sun burnt.  After checking into my motel a few miles from Tropicana Field, I found a free street parking spot in the neighborhood west of the stadium (in front of 3D Brewing) and headed in.

The Game


It goes without saying that I did not sit in my upper level, Party Deck seats.  I think at their height, I saw about 12 people sitting up there.  I did walk by to check out there area and it does seem like a fun place to catch the game… when there’s people up there.  There were some cool concession areas including a craft beer spot.  However, I took the requisite look and moved on.

As the game was starting I made my way to the area behind the center field wall.  On the recommendation of several Rays fans, I got the pulled pork bbq nachos.  They.  Were.  Amazing.


It took the entirety of the first two innings to down this guy.  Phenomenal.  I definitely recommend it and will look forward to getting it again whenever I find myself back for a Rays game.  The first two innings were taken in from the Draft Kings patio/overlook area, which was a great spot to watch.  I would have been completely satisfied watching the entire game from there.  However, when there’s so few people in the stadium, that basically means you get to sit wherever you want, so I decided I needed to take advantage of that and explore a bit.

Next stop was the right field seats, but on the way was the famous ray tank!  It was definitely cooler than expected and I sneaked a peak with my GoPro.

After a few innings in right field, I took a lap around the field level before eventually finding a spot near the third base dug out.  From there I watched a tight couple innings before the Rays blew it open with a 3-run home run and then held on for the win in the ninth.

Real talk:  The Trop is kind of a dump, but it has a ton of character.  I don’t know if I can say it’s “better” than SunTrust or Chase… but it is more interesting for sure.  And it is loud.  It’s one of those stadiums that gets exponentially more fun as the attendance increases (well, I assume).  I really enjoyed my visit.

The Story

Up Next

A night in St. Pete, and then the four hour drive down to Miami for the Marlins and Rockies.  Hopefully, I’ll have a few hours to hit the beach again before see the Fish and beginning the trek back north.


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