No. 19: Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City, MO

Date: Sunday August 6, 1:15pm
Teams: Kansas City Royals vs. Seattle Mariners
Ticket(s):  Section 407, Row NN, Seat 4 ($19 – Box Office)
Miles Driven: 10,437
Average Ticket Cost Through 19 Games:


Strange Royals ticket market.  Clearly, they are still benefitting from their 2015 World Series championship.  The cheapest tickets in the stadium are $19.  With a large stadium that doesn’t really sell out often, the secondary market is pretty barren.  I had to bite the bullet and go with a $19 ticket.  Sunday afternoon played a role in there for sure, but still a bummer.

The Royals were a quick stop.  I drove to KC from Denver mostly the night before, then 2 more hours before the game on Sunday.  After the game I was immediately back on the road, staying the night with friends in St. Louis.  So, no Power & Light District, no BBQ.  Luckily I’ve had the pleasure before when Michigan made the 2009 NCAA tournament and played the first round in Kansas City.  This stop was purely business – the game.

The Game


Kauffman Stadium is beautiful.  Immediately upon walking in, you quickly realize that this is not the same Kauffman I grew up watching on TV.  Everything looks brand new, the field is gorgeous and the fans are definitely into the game.

I watched a couple innings in the upper level before moving down to the right field seats, where I sat for another few innings.  The whole outfield area is great.  Stunning standing room, open plazas, and, you know, those fountains.  I didn’t really think they would be as impressive as they were.  On TV, you simply see fountains for every home run and don’t think much of it.  But the flowing pools are certainly a unique feature among all stadiums and the huge fountains are a bonus.  I ended up standing above the right-center field pools at the railing for probably 3 entire innings.  It was that cool of a place to watch from.


After I finally departed the railing, the Royals were down a few runs to the M’s.  After the seventh inning stretch I continued to wander over to left field and checked out the Royals Museum above the left field seats.  The Museum was interesting, modern and interactive.  I ended up watching a highlight video of the Royals 2014 wild card run for almost the entire top of the eighth inning, and I wasn’t the only one.

For the bottom of the eighth, I made my way to the lower level, near the left field foul pole, before finally making my move to the dugout area for the ninth.  Unfortunately, the Royals comeback fell a little short.  With the tying run on first, newest Royal Melky Cabrera flew out to left to end the game.

The Story

Up Next

A long drive to Atlanta. 800 miles to the MLB’s newest stadium, SunTrust Park.  After the Royals game I was immediately on the road and stayed with friends in St. Louis. Then it was a stop in Nashville for a night before getting to Atlanta for the Tuesday night game.  After Atlanta, only two long drives remain: an eight hour trip to Tampa and what I think is going to be the worst drive of the trip, Miami to DC.


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