No. 18: Coors Field – Denver, CO

Date: Friday August 4, 6:40pm
Teams: Colorado Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Ticket(s):  Section 403, Row 17, Seat 10 ($8.50 – Rockies Online)
Miles Driven: 9,813
Average Ticket Price Through 18 Games: $9.94 (Under 10! For the last time??)

Denver!  From Arlington!  Over 1,000 miles in between games (one of four such segments).  Two days sat between the respective game days.  On day one, we mostly drove and reached Great Sand Dunes National Park by around 5pm.  On day two, we drove up to Colorado Springs.  The following day it was Pikes Peak and Denver…


While our campsite was a little pricey (Lone Duck Campground – $37), it had some great amenities (WiFi! Showers! 87 degree pool!) and also sat right next to the entrance to the Pikes Peak toll road.  We took advantage of that and got to the entrance as they opened to make the 19 mile drive up to the summit.

Luckily we got there when we did. As we came back down the mountain there was a line of several dozen cars at the entrance around 10am.  Having made it to the top of a 14er, it was time to get to Denver for the game.  Arriving around 3pm, we were able to walk down 16th street and explore LoDo before meeting with my friend Brian, who put us up for the night.

As we approached the stadium for the start of the game, we could see lightning in the distance.  Looking at radars, we made a calculated risk, deciding to not head in yet and instead grab a drink nearby.  While our gamble was off (no delays), the first inning lasted a whopping 40 minutes, so we ended up missing not too much of the game as we arrived at the top of the second.

The Game


IMG_8093cropOur seats we up in the Rockpile – dead center field, many, many rows up.  The Rockpile seats give you a good enough view of the scoreboard and are a pretty fun place to watch the game from. However, we quickly began to move about.

First stop: that mile-high row.  We moved counter clockwise, walking underneath the scoreboard before finally heading up to the 300 level.  At that level and behind homeplate, the concourse opens up to a stunning view of the Denver skyline.  After grabbing our next beverage we finally found a few of those purple seats that signify an altitude of 5,280 feet.


After catching an inning in the Mile High Row on the first base side, we continued traveling counter clockwise, heading over to the new bar/standing room areas that have replaced the previous upper level of seats.  What an improvement!  The Rooftop area is definitely a fun place to watch the game from.  If you haven’t figured it out from reading this blog, I love nabbing a standing room spot on the railing overlooking the outfield.  We watched an inning or so and scoped out some left-field bleacher seats to move to.

Despite the large crowd, we were able to move all the way down to the front row in the left field bleachers.  There, we watched the final two innings and a Rockies 8th inning comeback.  Couldn’t have asked for much of a better day.


The Story

Up Next

A relatively light 600 or so miles from Denver to Kansas City.  No more major breaks from here on out.  A few long drives, but shortly I’ll be back in the Eastern Time Zone and on the Right Coast.  Not many park visits or camping anymore… just knocking out the final 18 days and 12 games.


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