No. 17: Globe Life Park – Arlington, TX

Date: Tuesday August 1, 7:05pm
Teams: Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners
Ticket(s):  Section 343, Row 1, Seat 2 ($5 – SeatGeek)
Miles Driven: 8,696
Average Ticket Cost Through 17 Games: $10.02


After a leisurely departure from Houston, we arrived in Fort Worth around 4:30pm.  We met my buddy Calen who works at TCU and showed us Buffalo Brothers – a Horned Frog favorite.  The Tuesday happy hour prices were stupid cheap, so a good spot to have a bite prior to heading into an MLB stadium.  A little after 6p, we hopped back in the car and made our way to Globe Life Ballpark, biting the bullet on $20 parking at the stadium.

The Game

This Tuesday Rangers game may have dethroned the Oakland game for the least attended game on the trip.  Which was fine by me.  We went up to the upper level, walked maybe two sections away from the center, towards our corner seats, before concluding that we could literally sit anywhere.  So there first two innings were the upper level, front row, behind home plate. IMG_7952-2

The Ball Park doesn’t get a ton of praise nowadays, but I really like it.  I’m sure a huge reason is the right field outfield deck that hangs over the field level section, so reminiscent of Tiger Stadium. The centerfield façades are deeper behind centerfield than TV gives off, which was kind of a bummer.  However, we later made our way over there to find a pretty cool party area and statue of Nolan Ryan.  At that point we hung out in the right-center field standing room, looking right down on the Mariners bullpen.

By the fifth inning we were moving again, this time getting into the front row of the left field seats.  A not-as-close-to-a-homerun-as-we-thought fly out resulted in a spilled drink, so we didn’t stick around the outfield too long.  In fact, we had already decided that it was our goal to get as close as possible, so we moved again.

IMG_7970The next spot (innings 6-7) ended up being about 15 up, in line with third base.  Spectacular seats to be sure, but we were on a mission.  After being confused with a profanity hurling drunkard (thanks Rangers fans for confirming with ballpark security that we were not the perpetrator, who had left the area), we made our last move.  (Just after another fan ran out to the field! Check the Story below!).

To start the eighth we made the bold move to head down to Homeplate.  Globe-Life has three rows of roped off seats right behind Homeplate. The closest you can get without having that VIP access is row 4… we got to row 6, directly behind Homeplate. When we tried to move to row 4, the VIP usher said “Nope” but was nice enough to not say anything when we retreated to row 6, despite knowing exactly what we were doing. The fans around us informed us that we would be on TV in those seats. I’ve yet to look up a confirmation, but if anyone with MLB.TV would like to check out the 8th inning of the 8/1 Rangers game, look for my bright yellow Maize Rage t-shirt.


As has been standard with this trip, another 9th inning comeback by the home team fell short… Just 13 games left to see a walkoff…

The Story

Up Next

Two baseball-free days to make the 800+ mile trip from Arlington to Denver.  Stops on the way will include Great Sand Dunes National Park and Garden of the Gods… with a possible drive up Pike’s Peak.  I’m hopeful to get caught up on a National Parkin’ blog post in the m


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