No. 15: Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

Date: Wednesday July 26, 12:40pm
Teams: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves
Ticket(s):  Section 317, Row 9, Seat 3 ($13 – SeatGeek)
Miles Driven: 6,912
Average Ticket Cost Through 15 Games:

Into the desert!  Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks and now, sadly, JD Martinez.


My friend Eric lives in Tempe, so we jumped on the light rail to head into town.  Phoenix seemed pretty empty when we arrived, which isn’t a huge surprise here at the end of July.  I decided to skip getting food in the stadium in favor of lunch at the bar we hit before hand: Coach’s Corner. Great Mac and Cheese.

The Game

Chase Field is huge and empty.  I love the seemingly endless and steep upperlevel sections, but would love them much more if people were there.  The DBacks are 15 games above .500!!!  The just traded for JD Martinez to add to a lineup featuring AJ Pollock, Jake Lamb and Paul Goldschmidt!!!  Come on Diamondbacks fans!!!


It’s pretty strange walking into Chase Field… the roof is closed and the air conditioning is on.  As a result, there’s almost an NBA arena feel to it.  It is almost the exact opposite of San Diego, where everything is open.  Another frustrating thing is that, unlike Miller Park, the windows beyond the outfield that would otherwise open up things are covered with huge ads.  Also, our search for the 2001 World Series trophy came up empty, perhaps it was moved or not on display for some reason.

IMG_4767There are some big positives for Chase Field, though:

  • The former player race
  • That pool in right center is cool… unless you have seats next to it

As for the game itself, it probably was one of the most exciting I’ve seen on the trip.  Former Detroit Tiger hero JD Martinez hit two homeruns, Paul Goldschmidt did normal Paul Goldschmidt things (two laced doubles, a few walks) and we got to see an inside the park homerun.  An easy route for the DBacks, who seem locked into a wild card spot.  All of Detroit is rooting for them – and JD – to get a ring.

The Story

Up Next

The next game on the trip isn’t for 5 days: Monday in Houston.  I have about 17 hours of driving to get from Phoenix to Houston, so will be making a few stops along the way, including White Sands National Monument and Sagauro, Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks.  Phoenix was enough desert and 100 degree weather, but I have a bit more to go.


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