No. 14: Petco Park – San Diego, CA

Date: Monday July 24, 7:10pm
Teams: San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets
Ticket(s):  Section 119, Row 12, Seat 1 (FREE!  Thanks u/krislol22 – another generous Redditor)
Miles Driven: 6,423
Average Ticket Cost Through 14 Games: $8.23

Back to baseball!  And quite the stadium to return to…


I flew back to San Diego from Detroit, landing around 2pm local time.  From there I picked up my car (side note: Saved $40 by using and headed to the beach!  After a couple hours at Ocean Beach, I headed downtown to find my parking spot (again, saved a ton of money by using SpotHero) and checked into the hostel I’m staying at – both a short walk to the stadium.  In fact, this is really the first time on the trip that I have stayed within walking distance of the stadium and have really gotten to take time to explore the city both before and after the game.

The Game


PetCo is amazing.  I’m really struggling right now on whether I liked it more than AT&T.  Something I decided fairly early on during the trip was that I am not going to do stadium rankings… at least I say for now.  It’s too difficult and even the so-called worst stadiums have been fun.  THAT SAID… PetCo and AT&T are far and away at the top of the non-existent list.

IMG_7766_l;ittleThe features as PetCo are endless… Park at the Park, the Tony Gwynn statue, the Barkyard, the Western Metal Supply Co. building.  The concourse is open and stunning.  There was a food stand where they were cooking dogs and brats over campfire, basically.  The list goes on and on.

The one, tiny, tiny little thing that irked me was that there were no bleachers in the stadium, which is strange to me.  Outside of that, it is truly a remarkable stadium.

The game itself was an exciting one as well.  Despite being hit hard and giving up 5 runs, Clayton Richard struck out 8 for the Padres and went 8 innings to give the bats a chance to come back.  Hunter Renfroe hit two home runs, including one that landed on the top of the Western Supply building.  Then, in the ninth, the Padres were down 2 with 2 on and a chance to walk off and Jabari Blash hit a bomb that was just inches foul.  That was pretty much it and the Mets held on for the win.

The Story

Up Next

A travel day to enjoy a final morning/early afternoon in San Diego before making the five hour drive to Phoenix.  Then, it’s Diamondbacks and Braves at Chase Field on Wednesday.


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