No. 13: Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA

Date: Thursday July 20, 7pm
Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves
Ticket(s):  Section 57RS, Row FF, Seat 6 ($7)
Miles Driven: 6,187
Average Ticket Cost Through 13 Games:

A quick drive back up to Los Angeles for the Dodgers on Thursday.


With a 7pm start, I had the day to go and explore Los Angeles a bit.  I waited until after rush hour to make the 40-mile (but hour and a half) drive back to LA.  I was able to take care of a few things – like finally washing my car – before hitting up Hollywood for maybe the most tourist thing I’ve done on the trip.  I’m a huge movie guy, but I quickly learned that Hollywood is less about film-making and more about movie stars.  I went to the Hollywood Museum, which was fine, and walked up and down the Walk of Stars before deciding that two hours was more than enough Hollywood.  It was only about 4pm, but I figured I might as well head over to the game early and take in batting practice.

The Game


My seats were up in the 500 level – Dodgers Stadium has entrances based on which level your tickets are, so I entered there, but quickly moved down to the Loge level.  It was pretty easy to move down and watch BP from the front row in the Loge level, right above the field level.  As game time approached, I worked my way back up the 500 level and bought my Dodger Dog.  Pro-tip #1:  Pay the extra dollar for an all-beef Dodger Dog (not at every concession stand).  Pro-tip #2: Seek out a grilled all-beef Dodger Dogs (at even fewer stands).

I watched the first couple innings near my seats in the left field corner of the upper level, while having dinner.  The crowd was maybe not a late arriving crowd, but a slowly arriving crowd.  Fans were still trickling in as late as the 4th inning… that wonderful LA traffic.

I made my way back to the Loge level to watch a few innings from the right field corner.  No matter where you are, it’s clear: Dodger Stadium is enormous.

I finally wandered around the field level concourse for a bit, ultimately making my way out to the bleachers, which is a really fun place to take in the game.  And, while just about every stadium has phone charging stations nowadays, under the left field bleachers, there was a station to check out a mobile phone charger to take with you back to your seat.  Well done Dodger Stadium (and their sponsors).

The Story

Up Next

Flying back to Michigan – out of San Diego – for a wedding, a weekend at home, and a chance to recharge and get to work on planning out the second half of the trip.  The Padres are next, Monday night against the Mets.


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