No. 12: Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA

Date: Wednesday July 19, 7:07pm
Teams: Los Angeles Angels vs. Washington Nationals
Ticket(s):  Section V506, Row F, Seat 13 ($7 US)
Miles Driven: 6,119
Average Ticket Cost Through 12 Games: $9.02

On to Anaheim!  From San Francisco, I drove to Pinnacles National Park (more later), a nice stopping point on the way to LA.


There’s not a ton of character immediately around Angels Stadium – unless you’re into parking lots and obscene suburbia malls.  However, there is one pretty cool brewery across the street from the stadium that myself and friends Gillian and Mike hit: Karl Strauss.  Not a bad pre-game meal, plus, they give you free parking if you grab dinner before the game.

The Game


We started with seats high up in the left field upper level.  I didn’t really realize how old Angels Stadium was, but it quickly became apparent.  The stairs in the upper level were oddly steep and did not have a uniform height, which was pretty surprising – but like a fun hike or drinking deterrent.

Outside the rock water fall in center, not a ton stands out in Angels Stadium.  In fact, you’d think it’d be time for a facelift.  Kansas City has shown what you can do with a re-designed center field area.  I’ll give Angels Stadium one thing: the low fence in left field has always been one of my favorite features and leads to some exciting home runs and defensive plays.

We didn’t stay too long in the upper level and we were easily able to move down into the left field corner on the field level.  We watched for a couple more innings before walking around the stadium for a bit.  Big win for the Halos.

The Story

Up Next

The Dodgers!  A night in Irvine before backtracking the 45 miles to The City of Angels.  The Dodgers are the leading the entire NL, so I’m excited to see a packed Dodger Stadium against the Braves… No Clayton, though…. 😥

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