No. 11: AT&T Ballpark – San Francisco, CA

Date: Monday July 17, 7:15pm
Teams: San Francisco Giants vs. Cleveland Indians
Ticket(s):  Section 140, Row 18, Seat 8 ($11)
Miles Driven: 5,687
Average Ticket Cost Through 11 games: $9.20

Sometimes, you forget how great something is when you don’t get to see it very often.  AT&T is the best stadium in the majors. It’s not an original statement, it’s just true.



I was crashing with my good friend Scott who lives in San Francisco and is well versed in hitting up Giants games.  We largely hung out and didn’t really tourist it up before the game.  Lunch at The Pub in Ghirardelli Square was great – definitely would recommend it.  After that we relaxed a bit before heading down to the game.  We went in through Public House – a bar attached to the stadium, but outside of the stadium.

The Game

Scott, my grad school buddy Evan, who came up from San Jose, and two of Scott’s work friends, Mike and Matt, got our tickets just a couple hours before first pitch.  The Giants are not that good.  So, when we got in and the stadium was largely filled, I was pretty surprised.  I had forgotten that the Giants had a sellout streak going.  Emphasis on had.    I was impressed when they announced an attendance of 40,000 and surprised to find out that it was the first non-sell out in 570 games.

AT&T Park is just stunning.  The Bay, the Bay Bridge, the Cove it’s all stunning.  But I love the right field wall as well, including the free, outside-the-stadium standing room on the field level in right.  It’s not perfect – the concourse is a little tight and the concession prices are a little otherworldly.  However, those are minor blips.  That stadium, full of fans, is a game experience that is tough to beat.

The game itself unfolded just like the standings would suggest. The Giants looked to be in good shape before Matt Moore tossed an underhand 30 foot throw about 20 feet over the firstbaseman’s head.  Runs score, Giants lose. And the Indians sneak out a road win, somehow maintaining their lead in the very weak AL Central.

The Story

Up Next

It’s off to SoCal.  The Angels on Wednesday and the Dodgers on Thursday before taking a weekend off.  On the way down to LA, I’ll probably take a pit stop at Pinnacles National Park on the off day.


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