No. 7: Wrigley Field – Chicago, IL

Date: Tuesday July 4, 1:20pm
Teams: Chicago Cubs vs. Tampa Rays
Ticket(s):  Section 504, Row 3, Seat 4 ($61 US)
Miles Driven: 1,723
Average Cost of first 7 tickets: $10.71

This ain’t your daddy’s Wrigley… except it really still is.


I purchased tickets for this game a solid 2 weeks ago, knowing that the Cubs on the Fourth of July would be a hot ticket.  We were able to get a relative steal – $61 each for two pairs of tickets tickets, one in front of the other.  By Monday, remaining tickets had jumped up to over $100 a piece.

We walked a couple miles from Lincoln Park to take in the atmosphere.  For lunch, we stopped at Lucky’s Sandwiches in Wrigleyville on Clark.  Lucky’s is famous for their enormous sandwiches, AS SEEN ON TV!  It lived up to the hype.

After Lucky’s, we made our way towards Wrigley.  The last time I went to a Cubs game was about 5 years ago.  A ton of big differences.  The stadium upgrades were immediately noticeable and we headed over to the new Wrigley Park before going in.

The Game


The new scoreboards somewhat loom large, but I actually think they fit in nicely.  It would be better if some o the rooftop bleachers weren’t blocked, but all-in-all it’s tough to say the video boards are not an upgrade.  I still love how the lower sections are seemingly endless, with rows after rows of seats stretching far beyond where other stadiums would have the concourse.

IMG_4463The atmosphere – unsurprisingly – was tremendous.  This was the most attended regular season Cubs game since 2013, which is pretty remarkable given last year’s run.  Jon Lester and Chris Archer was a pretty attractive pitching match-up from the get-go.  Archer lived up to the hype, Lester not so much with a brutal five-run inning.

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame” was sung by a quartet of veterans – appropriate for the Fourth of July.

It was a little disappointing to see the Cubs fans filing out after the eighth, particularly when the team had a legit bid to come back and tie the game in the bottom of the ninth.  But it wasn’t quite meant to be.  No W today.

The Story

Up Next

It’s up early in the morning, 6am at the latest, to pick up my girlfriend from the airport and then we are off to Minneapolis for the final game in this 8-game in 8-day stretch.  Google says its a 6-hour drive from O’Hare, so we should be able to make it in plenty of time to enjoy Minneapolis.  After the Twins game, we’ll have a good 3 days off to take our time on the drive out to Seattle.  It’ll be nice to knock out this crazy stretch and start to breathe a little… but how many people can say they’ve gone to 8 games in 8 days?


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