No. 6: Miller Park – Milwaukee, WI

Date: Monday July 3, 1:10pm
Teams: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Baltimore Orioles
Ticket(s):  Section 418, Row 17, Seat 6 ($8 US)
Miles Driven: 1,650
Average Cost of Tickets through 6 games: $2.33


We didn’t get any free tickets, however Mondays are Miller Mondays in Milwaukee and you can get $6 tickets up in the nosebleeds.  The game looked to be approaching a sell out, so we bought the tickets online ahead of time and ate the fees.  We drove from the West Loop of Chicago up to Milwaukee – an easy 90 mile drive – at around 10am, giving us a good hour or so of tailgating action.

Miller Park is really the first stadium on the trip I’ve been to that’s not downtown.  Though, Comiskey isn’t necessarily downtown either, Miller Park truly is isolated from the city by a little bit.  As a result of that and the enormous and relatively cheap parking lots ($10 on Monday) surrounding the stadium, there’s a big tailgate scene. We loaded up the cooler with drinks and snacks and hung out a bit before heading on in.

The Game


Seeing Miller Park for the first time is an experience. The retractable roof stands out as something other-worldly.  The light banks are inside the stadium and not visible from the outside, like most typical stadiums.  Plus, there are no other buildings near Miller Park – it is surrounded by parking lots.  The result is a stadium that feels overwhelming with its sheer size.

We walked around to the right field entrance to avoid some lines and took in the first inning from some standing room near the foul pole.  Again, as soon as you enter, the stadium’s industrial feel and enormous size dominate the landscape.  It’s pretty impressive.  We spent much of the first few innings in the right field area, watching Wade Miley completely fall apart for the Orioles.


Eventually, it was time to find some brats or sausages.  As we were making our way around the outfield, this play happened…

We made it to the third base area in the lower level and finally got our food.  I went with a Wisonsin four-cheese sausage.  After eating we made our way up to the upper level seats near Bernie and his slide.  While the first few innings were very exciting for the home team, the second half of the game was rather uneventful.  By the final inning we had made our way over to the front row in the upper level, directly behind homeplate, which wasn’t a bad place to take in the final 3 outs.  Another win for the home team.


The Story

Up Next

We’re back in Chicago and for the first time I won’t have any driving to do.  Either a quick train ride or a couple mile walk to Wrigley Field for a 1:20p start time.  A slightly different group of 4 of us will be heading to the game and it will certainly be a huge crowd for the Fourth of July.


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