No. 5: Comiskey Park – Chicago, IL

Date: Sunday July 2, 1:10pm
Teams: Chicago White Sox vs. Texas Rangers
Ticket(s):  Section 534, Row 16, Seat 8 (Free!!! A gift from a stranger!)
Miles Driven: 1,538
Average Cost of First 5 Tickets: $1.20

Yes, another free ticket!  This time, it was totally unplanned and unexpected…


I was out the door at 7am in St. Louis for a nearly 4 and a half hour drive to Guaranteed Rate Field Comiskey Park in Chicago.  One thing I’ve quickly learned: If Google or Apple says the drive is going to take 4 hours, that’s a best case scenario.  You are not cutting a ton of time off that trip unless you really speed.  So, after a couple gas station stops and a Wal-Mart stop, my wiggle room was evaporated and I found myself arriving in the South Side just 15 minutes before first pitch.

I also hadn’t bought a ticket yet.  I was tracking $5 tickets online and noticed they were starting to get bought up quickly – my original goal was to buy one in person about an hour before first pitch.  When I noticed online that those tickets were getting bought up, I went to buy one online, but the fees pushed the price to over $10, which was the cost of the next best ticket.  Thousands of those were still available, so I decided to just wait.  Sure enough, by the time I got to the stadium, the $5 tickets were sold out.  Fine – I accepted buying a $10 ticket.  As I was in line, a guy tapped my shoulder and said “Hey, want this ticket? Otherwise it’s not getting used.”  Uh, yes please.  And there you have it – my fourth free ticket in a row.

The Game


I came in with admittedly low expectations for Comiskey, but came away impressed. I had been there once before – a Tigers/White Sox game – when I was a kid.  It was a great time then and the Tigers and White Sox rivalry was going pretty strong, you could say.

However, that rivalry has simmered with both teams sitting near the bottom of the AL central this year.  On Sunday, I got to relax and root for the White Sox in a game the was extremely boring until it wasn’t.

I started in the upper levels and enjoyed a couple sandwiches I brought into the stadium.  The sun was scorching, so I didn’t quite move around as much as I otherwise might have.  After the third inning I moved over to the right field foul pole and the Sox built up a solid lead.  Finally, I decided to start exploring and made my way down to the right field outfield seats in the lower level.  Great seats, but right in the sun.  Apparently it was bad karma because the Sox started throwing the ball all over the field and the Rangers took a lead.  Random stadium bullets:

  • The lower level sections are oddly narrow
  • There’s a shower behind the right field seats. It was very popular.
  • Ronnie Woo Woo was there. Why, nobody seemed to know.

I then decided to move to the bleachers in right field in hopes of snagging a home run.  I got there in the top of the sixth inning and was able to sit front row, just behind left fielders Melky Cabrera and Delino DeShields.


I hadn’t planned to stay there, but even in the sun when the breeze kicked up the game experience was great. I always love sitting in the bleachers and ended up unable to leave.  Sure enough, in the bottom of the eighth while down 1, Chicago’s Yolmer Sanchez hit a go-ahead two-run homer and the White Sox held on in a tight one.

The Story

Up Next

On Monday it is off to Milwaukee for the Brewers and Orioles at Miller Park.  A group of 4 of us will be driving up for the day before returning back to Chicago at night.  Weather looks to be perfect and I’m looking forward to the tailgating scene.


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