No. 4: Busch Stadium – St. Louis, MO

Date: Saturday July 1, 6:15pm
Teams: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals
Ticket(s):  Section 349, Row 3, Seat(s) 15-16 (Free!  Thanks to college buddy Mike Tobin!)
Miles Driven: 1,240
Number of States drove through on Saturday: 5


Another long drive on game day.  This was the fourth of eight consecutive game-days.  At the halfway point, I’ve picked up a second wind. I think part of that was a concerted effort to leave extra early from Cincinnati and allow my self plenty of time to get to St. Louis.  My goal was to arrive by 4:15p.  I left for the 5 hour, 15 minute drive at 8am, leaving myself 3 hours of wiggle room.  I used every bit of that spare time (and then some), by taking a long Starbucks break in the morning, which allowed me to catch up on the blog and some planning.  I took a leisurely lunch after stopping in Louisville to check out the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory (definitely worth the stop and $14 ticket, though I didn’t necessarily come away wow’ed).  The rest of the drive was smooth sailing and I definitely felt the difference while driving.

I met up with Mike around 4:30p and we dropped my car off at his downtown apartment before making the quick walk down to Busch Stadium.  The weather was perfect and downtown St. Louis was beautiful.  Perfect night for a ball game.

The Game


Busch Stadium lived up to my own hype and the game didn’t disappoint.  We largely stayed in Mike’s seats and enjoyed the game – a great pitchers duel between Gio Gonzalez and Michael Wacha.  Right from the get go, you gather a great sense of the Cardinals storied history.  Pre-game featured a hype video that highlighted the Cardinals championship teams throughout the years and there were momentos of history all throughout the stadium.  For example, stairwells featured the different logos the Cardinals have had throughout the year.  Also, the manual scoreboard from the previous Busch Stadium still exists in the concourse of the new stadium, unchanged from that last day.



One thing I loved about Busch Stadium was that there were as many as four decks of seats.  The decks might not have as many rows as most stadiums, but the extra decks just added a looming presence to the game.  That, plus a phenomenal skyline made for an aesthetic that is truly unique.  Other fast bullets:


  • Free giveaway: Replica 1942 World Series Ring
  • The July 4th Weekend MLB socks…


The Story

Up Next

Another early wake-up for a 4 and a half hour drive from St. Louis to Chicago.  Luckily, this is the last big drive for a few days and there’s no crazy Noon start like in Cleveland.


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