5 Stadium Races I’m Looking Forward to Seeing

I leave tomorrow, time for another quick “Top 5” post.  Previously:

These are just some of the quirky things from each stadium I’m excited about…

5. The Hot Dog Race in Cleveland

hot dog race
Credit: npr.org

There’s a couple hot dog races, but Cleveland gets the nod.  The Cleveland hot dog race is now in its tenth year.  The ketchup hot dog wears thick black glasses as an homage to Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, which gives the Cleveland race an edge over the Kansas City dog race, among others that didn’t make the cut.

4. The Great Pierogi Race in Pittsburgh


The Great Pierogi Race in Pittsburgh has been going on for nearly 20 years.  Once a year, the Pierogi’s challenge the sausages of Milwaukee.  This is the real deal.  So real, that it’s not necessarily uncommon for things to get out of hand…

3. The Presidents Race in Washington


The Presidents race has an extensive Wikipedia article.  The winner (and losers) are tracked carefully., with Teddy Roosevelt being a particular lovable loser.  In fact, you need to check out the blog letteddywin.com if you’d like to see video of Teddy leaping over the railing and into the seats. God Bless America.

2. The Freeze in Atlanta

Freeze gif

God bless this Braves fan who sacrificed himself to the Internet, making The Freeze instantly famous.  I can’t wait to see The Freeze live in Atlanta at SunTrust Park.  One can only dream of seeing another Braves fan bite the dust in an effort to #BeatTheFreeze.

1. The Sausage Race in Milwaukee


sausage race
Credit: USAToday

Of course, #1 is the Sausage Race at Miller Park.  And we have one man, and one man only, to thank for that…

simon small

Former Brave, Pirate, Tiger, Cub, Devil Ray, and Philly, Randall Simon.  On July 9, 2003 Randall Simon delighted Sportscenter and baseball fans alike, when he hit a sausage with a bat, for no apparent reason.  Simon was actually fined over $400 by police for disorderly conduct. A small price to pay for baseball history.  The racer, Mandy Block, was unharmed, which of course is most important.

Hopefully no sausage assault takes place when I visit Miller Park next week.

There you go – my last “Top 5” list before the trip starts tomorrow!  Look for a final “Prep Post” to go up in the morning before I jump in the car and head to Toronto.  Remember to follow Twitter for live updates!


1 thought on “5 Stadium Races I’m Looking Forward to Seeing

  1. Arizona features a race between the all-time great diamondbacks from the years and years of the club’s existence. The four are Mark Grace, Randy Johnson, Luis Gonzalez, and Matt Williams. They also have throwback uniforms.


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