5 Stadiums I’m Most Looking Forward To Seeing

Just over 1 week from beginning the trip.  Final details and preparation are in the works. Here are the five stadiums I’m most looking forward to seeing.

5. Coors Field – Colorado Rockies


Their mascot’s name is Dinger.  There is a row in the stadium that is literally a mile high.  The stadium is right in downtown Denver in the awesome LoDo neighborhood.  And the Rockies are just a fun team to root for.  I’ve been to Denver a half-dozen times in the summer, but have never made it to a game.  I’m very excited to rectify that.

4. Yankee Stadium – New York Yankees


One moderate regret I’ll always have is not making it to the original House that Ruth Built. However, that is not taking any shine away from seeing the Bronx Bombers wearing the Pinstripes.  For years, the new Yankee Stadium has been derided for its lack of atmosphere, compared to its predecessor.  I’m hopeful a subway series game with the Mets will bring the place to life.  While I expect to work my way down to some close seats at most stadiums, you probably won’t see me behind homeplate at Yankee Stadium.

3. PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates


Everybody raves about PNC.  You only have to look at the field from behind homeplate to understand why.  Like the Rockies, the Pirates have become one of my National League teams to root for (along with the Nats… Make Baseball Fun Again!).  PNC opened up just a year after Comerica and was developed by the same architecture firm.  The similarities are certainly apparent, but there’s just something special about being on the river. Can’t wait to take in an inning from the riverside concourse.

2. Safeco Field – Seattle Mariners


Like the next installment on this list, I have never been to Seattle, which is a big driving factor in how excited I am to see a game in Safeco.  Also, being a young kid during Ken Griffey Jr’s hayday and Alex Rodriguez pre-quarter-billion-dollar-contract, how could I not love the Mariners. It didn’t hurt that Ichiro’s move to the States came as I was playing high school ball.  The novelty of a retractable roof may be wearing off, but I’m still very excited to get to Seattle.

1. Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox

fenway stockThis is a pretty easy number one.  On top of everything that is Fenway, I’ll be going for a Yankees game.  I am extremely excited for my first visit to Fenway and first visit to Boston.  The 1999 home run derby is still ingrained in my memory (in a good way) just as the David Ortiz grand slam off of Joaquin Benoit is (in a bad way).  I will be shocked if anything beats this game.

There’s a few that were tough to leave off this list: Petco Park, Great American Ballpark. And then there’s a few that might be obviously missing… Wrigley? Busch? AT&T?  Those may make an appearance in a future post, so stay tuned!


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