Because It’s There

Welcome, readers, to the first of hopefully many posts to come this summer.  What is this blog for?  Pretty simple.  I’ll be chronicling my pilgrimage to every MLB park in a two-month road trip.

The Trip

This is a trip I’ve been planning for almost two years and it still surprises me that I’ll actually be doing it in less than a month.

Like Bartolo Colon pounding the strike zone, I’ll be speeding through the midwest leisurely making my down the West Coast, looping through Texas and back to Denver, driving down to Florida and finishing up on the East coast.

30 stadiums. Around 10 national parks. 14,000 miles. 60 days.

The major perk of being a teacher is those precious 10 weeks off from late June through August. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to do something big with it.  So, here it is. Years of planning and saving. And now just a few weeks out.

Outside some stretches here and there, I’ll largely be making this trip solo, visiting friends and family along the route. I hope to document it all on this blog and on Twitter @theshowtrip to share the journey.   You can check out the details of the route at my RoadTrippers page.

The route was somewhat painstakingly planned over the last 8 months. Not every team is convienently on a homestand, making for some awkward route decisions (driving up to Milwaukee between the White Sox and Cubs, for example).  I’ll probably spend a few blog posts detailing the route itself and the decisions behind it.  There are literally thousands of ways to do this trip, but this one is mine and I’m pretty excited about it.

2 thoughts on “Because It’s There

  1. Good luck. Sounds like fun.Are you going alone or having someone to keep you awake for part of the trip?


    1. Most, but not all, of the driving is on my own. I’ll be visiting friends for a majority of the games and trip, though. Staying awake on the road is Goal #1… the literal priority!


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